Orimii Skincare: Unboxing the Newest Skincare Brand on the Block

Orimii Skincare: Unboxing the Newest Skincare Brand on the Block

Orimii Skincare: Unboxing the Newest Skincare Brand on the Block

Table of contents:

1. Introduction

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2. Importance of sunscreen during pregnancy

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3. Harmful ingredients in sunscreen for pregnant and lactating women

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4. Safe sunscreen alternatives for pregnant women

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5. Review of Orimii Mineral Sun Shield Serum

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6. Verdict

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Who knew two little lines on a test kit could change so much?

A few months ago, I found out that I’m expecting my first baby. This revelation came with a whirlwind of feelings, both physical and emotional. I found myself grappling with the overwhelming realization that my life was about to change forever, while also feeling a sense of joy and amazement at the thought of the tiny miracle I was nurturing inside me.

As if the rollercoaster of emotions weren’t enough, I was soon punched by a host of “classic” pregnancy-related symptoms: awful nausea (who could have ever predicted this foodie would start throwing up at the thought of food), constant exhaustion, mood swings (my apologies to those who patiently put up with me), and an unwelcome set of skin issues. My skin began to break out, and thanks to crazy hormonal changes, I was experiencing oily skin and dry skin almost at the same time. Whoever first discovered the “pregnancy glow” was clearly not talking about me.

One of the first decisions I took was to stop using my skincare routine completely. I just couldn’t bring myself to continue using products that may not be safe for my baby. Although I’ve always been wary about the ingredients in my skincare products, pregnancy really took things up a notch because it wasn’t just about me anymore. I reached out to some of the brands to confirm whether their products that I was using were pregnancy-safe. Most of them simply didn’t know while the few who claimed that their products were safe did not seem confident enough.

Lost and confused, it began to feel like I had to choose between looking after my skin and potentially putting my baby at risk. The more I spoke up about it, the more I realized how little awareness there was among people about safe practices during pregnancy. So many women were simply unaware that the serums and creams they religiously used every day were being absorbed into their blood, and possibly harming their babies. Many of the ingredients in our skincare products lack adequate research and are not certified safe for pregnant and lactating women.

It was at this point in my pregnancy that I was introduced to Orimii- a skincare brand that exclusively caters to expecting and new mamas. Their tagline “worry-free skincare” immediately struck a chord with me. As mothers-to-be, we all understand the million concerns plaguing us every single day. From the kind of food we eat to our workout routines to babyproofing the house, every little aspect of our lives is deeply inspected to ensure that it’s safe and healthy for our baby. To have one less thing to worry about was exactly what I needed.

Orimii Skincare promises an extensive Never Ever list”- a list of ingredients that they don’t use in their formulations. This list not only includes potentially harmful ingredients but also poorly researched ingredients that are not worth the risk during this delicate phase in a mother’s life.

Replacing my entire skincare routine with Orimii Skincare products was a no-brainer. With the knowledge that Orimii is a pregnancy-safe brand with a brilliant range of products to tackle all kinds of pregnancy-related skin concerns, it was the easiest switch I’ve ever had to make.

To create a complete daily skincare routine, I chose their Gentle Facial Gel Clay Cleanser, No-Retinol Facial Renew Serum, Weightless Hydration Cloud Cream, and Mineral Sun Shield Serum.

Let me skip to the verdict: The packaging blew my mind! From the colours to the adorable products themselves, it was love at first sight. For a brand that caters to anxious mothers, Orimii definitely knows how to impress instantly. Each of the products was thoughtfully packaged and printed with their soothing brand slogan and detailed instructions on how to use them.

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