We believe in
Worry-free Skincare.

Here at Orimii, we want women to look and feel beautiful at every milestone of their lives.

We started out with a simple mission. To simplify the mountain of information out there and make skincare gentle, effective and 100% safe for women during pregnancy. From hormonal breakouts to dryness, sensitivity to dark spots - we set out to create a range of products formulated to match women’s needs not just during pregnancy, but throughout their lives.

We want you to enjoy every step of your self care routine and we get that you need to trust your products are simple, gentle and well suited to you for that to happen.

To make sure we fill that need, we hold ourselves to a higher standard; a higher standard of safety, higher intricacies of formulations, and the highest quality of ingredients.

Clinically tested

Through regular preliminary testings, research trials, and ingredient assessments we ensure that our formulations are clean, gentle, and safe for pregnancy. Because if it’s safe for moms-to-be, it’s safe for everyone in the family.

Skincare that doesn’t follow category trends or ingredient fads, but what’s best for you.


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